Isioma Olisa is a Talented writer and Actor  from birth! Let us meet isioma olisa!


Question: May we meet you ?
Answer: Yes! I'm isioma Olisa.
Question: Were are you from ?
Answer: illah in Delta State....
Question: How old are you ?
Answer: (smile) I was born on 26 January 2005
Question: Wow! So are you the 1st 2nd or 3rd
                  Child ?
Answer: (Laugh) No! we are six in numbers but   
                am the last Bron of my family!         
Question: That's Great! So when did you become
                   a writer ?
Answer: By God grace, (Smile) I'm a writer from
Question: (laughing) sorry but this little girl you
                  are funny!
Answer: (Smile) that's what almost every body
               says but at the end know one tells me
               what is funny about me.
Question: dear! Can you please tell your fans
                 what you mean by writer from birth?
Answer: sure! My mother told me that when I was
                a baby I enjoy writing on anything I see
                 and with time, when I was 5 going to six
                 years, am always the best student in my
                  class when it comes to story writing
                  and am also a good story teller.
Question:Great! So that means you can screen
                play your stories by your self without
                any help from anybody ?
Answer: No, am not too good when it comes to
               screen play that is why my big sister is
               always with me to help me out when it
              comes to screen play  because she is the
               best an she can screen play a story to
               the understanding of every cast
              in the script.
Question: we understand that you are also an
                   Actor ?
Answer: Yes! that is true (smiling) .
Question: How many movies have u acted.
Answer:  I cant recall all the names.
Question: just name them the ones you
Answer: The Blind Singer, Snake princess,Snake River, Moment Tear's,Evil point,jenny & jerry, village Queen, Cityqueen in USA, isioma etc.
Question: Keep it! So who do you look up to ?
Answer: (laugh) I only look up to God.
Question: So what do you have to say to the upcoming Writers & Actors & also to your fans ?
Answer: ALL I HAVE TO SAY TO MY FANS..  Is that you can be what you want to be just only look up to God to send your helper! Payers is the Master to all Key! GOD BLESS U ALL.. ISIOMA OLISA SAY SO.



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